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Title: Wonderland (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Veronica, Keith, Logan, the Fennells, Mac, Backup. Some V/L undertones. Good times.
Summary: Christmas!fic. Very, very long Christmas!fic, that is also self-indulgent.
Rating: PG-13, for language.
Spoilers/Warnings: Through 2x10, but also goes pretty damn AU. CANON IS FOR QUITTERS!

Yule shoot your eye out! )
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Title: the west in you. (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Logan & Duncan friendship!fic.
Summary: Logan falls apart. Duncan mostly just flails around a lot. Written for [livejournal.com profile] sexycereal's The Veronica Mars 101 Things Fic Challenge. My challenge was: "Swim With... Sharks or Tropical Fish." I took leniency with it, so sue me.
Rating: PG-13, for language.
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers up through 1x13, Lord of the Bling.

Everything feels different when it comes to Logan these days. )

Feedback is muchly appreciated, as per usual! :)
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Title: The Crash Theory. (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Veronica and Weevil, not really shippy at all.
Summary: There are many ways to run away. This is only one.
Rating: PG-13. Haha, this is so tame!
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers up through 2x01.

There are many ways to run away. This is only one. )

Feedback is adored, etc etc.
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Title: Sugar, We're Going Down. (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Meg/Logan. Post-finale.
Summary: Don't be seduced by the prospect of better days. AKA: When good girls go bad! [cue dramatic music here]
Rating: R, to be safe.
Spoilers/Warnings: Um... there actually are like no spoilers in this, even though it takes place after season one. I'm weird that way. I wrote this pairing as a personal challenge. So, I might be on crack. Just sayin'.

Don't be seduced by the prospect of better days. )

Blah blah feedback is my crack and totally adored, etc etc.
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Title: A Rose Grows From Concrete. (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Veronica/Logan.
Rating: Light NC-17. Sex happens, people.
Spoilers/Warnings: All of season one. Really self-indulgent. Also, this is long. Like twenty pages long.

Approximately seventy-two miles are stretched out between Neptune and Solana Beach, and Veronica’s pretty sure she could come up with more than seventy-two reasons as to why she shouldn’t be doing this. )

Feedback is cherished/adored/etc.
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Title: How Veronica and Logan Got Their Groove Back. (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Veronica/Logan.
Rating: NC-17, baby, for dirty dirty table sex.
Spoilers/Warnings: All of season one. Oh, and this is fluff, people-- smutty, unprolific fluff.

Who she once was isn’t who she wants to be anymore. )
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Title: You Have Your Whole Life Ahead of You (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Meg POV. Shades of Meg/Duncan and Veronica/Duncan.
Rating: PG-13.
Spoilers/Warnings: All of season one.

“I know the circumstances are just awful-- that poor Echolls boy, he was so young. But sweetie, please don’t let this mess get you too down, all right? You just have to remember that you have your whole life ahead of you.” )

I have a million things to update with, but I wrote this last night and just had to post it. Still working on the other WIP-- in the process of outlining and won't be able to post more for a little while, but it's still top priority, don't worry.
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Title: August and Everything After (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Logan POV; shades of Veronica/Logan, Veronica/Duncan
Rating: R for language and masturbation.
Spoilers/Warnings: All of season one.
A/N: This can be seen as a kind-of sequel to The Rain King, though is just as easily read as a stand-alone. Apologies for any typos, if they exist-- it's almost three in the morning, and I was hoping to get it posted before going to bed, so I may not have proofread as well as I should've.

Maybe Logan is lost beyond maps and constellations, maybe he is fucked-up beyond belief, maybe he’s been falling apart on an everyday basis, but at least he sees Veronica Mars a little more clearly now. )
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Title: The Rain King (1/1)
Author: BuffyX
Pairing/Character: Logan POV; shades of Logan/Lilly, Logan/Duncan
Rating: R
Spoilers/Warnings: All of season one. Pretty slight m/m slash.
A/N: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sexycereal for prompt words (soft, clean, shimmer, skin, gloss). Also, I am aware of how much my Lilly voice sucks, but writing her is like crack, so nyah nyah.

Logan’s world falls apart in numerous ways, all incredibly dramatic and spectacularly tragic. It is a mess. He is a mess. )
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Previous parts are here.

Gravity Part 9: The Final Chapter. )

Download Vienna Teng's "Gravity" here.

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Spuffy WIP; previous parts here.

The long-awaited Gravity, Part 8, where things get hopefully interesting and maybe a bit schmoopy. )

I know I've been slowing down my production with this story: Don't worry, I haven't lost interest, just been busy, and even though this part was rather off-the-cuff, I do have an outline and there'll actually be a sequel I'm planning once this story is done, if all goes well!
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Spike/Buffy Roadtrip WIP: All the previous parts can be found in my memories, here.

Gravity, Part 7. )

Hopefully there will be more in the very near future. In the meantime, any feedback will be adorned over. :)
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Previous parts: Found here.

Gravity, Part 6. Buffy and Spike are emotional messes, yay! And I suck at describing chapters, I really do. )

That actually came really fast, considering. Of course, please remember that feedback is my crack-- HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!!
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Okay, don't hate me. I've been distracted by Huge Real Life Drama and...yeah, it's been hard to write a lot. But, I do have this update, though it isn't as long as I would've liked. Still, I think the next part will come more quickly.

For those who don't know, Gravity is an S/B roadtrip fic, AU from "Touched." All previous parts can be found here. Feedback will be groveled over and cherished.

Gravity, Part 5: The plot thickens, and OMGACLIFFHANGER. )

I just got done watching "I Love the 90's," '96 and '97. Michael Ian Black RULES MY WORLD. (AKA: See icon.)
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Gravity part four. Previous parts can be found here.

Spike and Buffy visit The World's Largest Kahina Doll, which resides in Carefree, Arizona, where it was built in the 1950's and is almost a massive forty feet tall. Things pick up here, honest. )

A/N: The Kachina doll is 100% real-- but it looks like it's up for sale and being moved in order to make way for a parking lot. :( A picture and blurb about it can be found here. I've never seen it before-- never been near Arizona at all-- but it looked very pretty and I wanted them to see something that was The World's Largest. Unfortunately, the World's Largest Ball of Twine is in Kansas. ;)
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You can find the previous parts here.

Gravity, part 3. )

Hope my fellow US citizens had a nice holiday. Last night I went and watched the fireworks with some friends of mine, which was nice. Also had a fun chat with [livejournal.com profile] bubonicplague until around 3:30 in the morning, hee. Other than that I am mostly being lazy and trying to get some more writing done.
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Gravity, S/B, take two. First installment can be found here.

Driving lessons from a vampire. Oh, this was just oh-so-wonderful. )

Um, I do swear there'll be actual shippiness coming up. Promise.

And yes, I am a dork REALLY COOL PERSON and made this icon. I actually am going to post a bunch more tomorrow.
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Okay. So all day I've been writing furiously, this new plot bunny that blindsided me and doesn't want to be stuck in the closet for later, despite the fact that there's other things I really should be writing. It's currently nearing two thirty in the morning right now, and I decided I'm going to post this as a WIP, maybe to motivate me into actually finishing it.

Summary: Spike and Buffy hit the highway, because who can really get enough of roadtrip fic? I sure as hell can't! Spoilers through Touched, goes AU from there.

Gravity. S/B, WIP. )

To be continued... Dumm dummm DUMMMMMMMM!
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